A. YES. This will hopefully help prevent freezing of your outside faucet and piping.
A. No. We can snake your sewer line from home to the septic to clear a drain. If your septic is full, refer to a Septic Pumping company in your area.
A. We can help with pressure tanks, Cistern pumps, Pressure switches above ground. We do not work on well pumps.
A. Yes. Due to the hard water in our area. We are pleased to offer the installation of the NUVO H2O water conditioner and whole house filters. Or we can install the softener you have purchased yourself for your home.
A. Yes. We have replaced many tub/shower units with new units or installed stand-alone showers. Our job is the plumbing and install of the unit.
A. Not necessarily. Most electric water heaters can be serviced, depending on age and condition of the water heater. Most water heater manufacturers recommend a full service once a year. This includes draining down the water heater, checking expansion tank, replacing elements and thermostats. We also attempt to clear as much solid buildup of calcium or lime from your water heater. Regular service will save you a bundle and help prolong the life of your water heater. We suggest every couple of years.
A. A. Yes. Our Call-Out fee is included in the first hour of work. Hourly fee applies after the first hour.
A. NO! Wipes cause a lot of problems. No matter what the package tells you, Wipes and feminine products should never be flushed. That is one of the best ways to get a main line clog in your sewer lines.
A. NO! Use a paper towel or old jar or container for the disposal of oil or grease in the garbage. There will still be residue on your pan or pot that will eventually go down the drain, but That cannot be helped. Eventually grease may still build up but only over a long period of time compared to pouring large amounts down your drain. We also recommend filling your kitchen sink with all HOT water about once a week and then letting it flush your kitchen drain.
A. Usually, its hair getting caught in the drain. Depending on the type of stopper you have, there may be a spastic cover to be found at the local market to prevent the hair from getting into the drain and can be easily removed and cleaned when necessary.
A. A select few. If yours is not one we work with, we will repair or fix your problem and call it in to your warranty company. We require, payment from you, then you may be reimbursed by your warranty company.
A. No. We accept Visa, Master Card, & Discover Credit Cards, Cash, and Checks. Large projects require on-half down for scheduling and the remainder is due on completion.